Living from your Liberated Center

--Accepting New Members for Process Group Starting January 2019--

Jodi Walsh, Portland Oregon, Process Groups, Core Energetics

Dive Deep



I am so excited to begin this process group! It has been a longing of mine for a very long time.

Throughout the last 15 years of my education, training, and experience in the world of personal growth and spiritual development, process groups have been the most potent form of my healing. The miracle of personal work comes to life in a unique and powerful way in a solid group that is dedicated to truth and growth. The ability to experience unitive consciousness is magnified in this setting.

We will experience the three main levels of consciousness in action: the mask, the lower self, and the higher self.

Barriers to our growth can exist on every level of our being. They can form physical blocks, vicious emotional cycles, negative beliefs and spiritual stagnation. We allow this stuck energy to move. When this happens, it frees our life force to create from our liberated center.

In this supportive, non- judgmental environment, we forge a deeper connection with ourselves and others. We create a strong, trustworthy container to do our individual work within a group setting.

This process group is a place to bring your whole self. A place to share your life. A place to come home.

I recommend having previous experience with Core Energetics and/or the Pathwork. I offer an introductory course, Foundations for Finding the Real Self, which will be beginning soon.

If you feel called to this work, please contact me to set up an interview.

WHAT: A Process Group dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. Facilitation will include Brennan Healing Science skills and Core Energetics therapeutic techniques. This group is inspired by principals of the Pathwork.

WHEN: We will meet every other Tuesday at 6:30 to 9 pm. The group will begin when registration is full.

WHERE: 3758 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland 97202.

COST: $100 a month.