The Ground of Being:

Foundations For Finding the Real Self

Group Class Begins Wednesday 10/10/18

"When you function from the liberated center of your inner-most self, you attract all the abundance of life to you, but you do not depend on it. It enriches you, but it is not the substance of life. The substance is within."

Pathwork Guide Lecture #204

jodi walsh new class Pathwork, Core Energetics October 2018
  • WHAT: A group class dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. The facilitation will include Brennan Healing Science techniques and Core Energetics therapeutic principles. The teaching is inspired by the Pathwork.

  • WHEN: Begins 10/10/18. We will meet Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9pm. We will meet for 11 weeks.

  • WHERE: 3758 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland 97202

  • COST: $350 for 11 weeks. Payment plans available.

CALL TO REGISTER  503-312-7539

 This 11-week class will focus on the basic "map" of the three main levels of consciousness that we function from: The mask, the lower self, and the higher self. It outlines the hero's journey to finding and living from the true Self.

The higher self is creative, unified and generative. It is our divine center that is true power, love, and beauty.

As we develop the relationship with our higher Self, we also discover what blocks its expression. These blocks inhabit the levels of consciousness called the mask and the lower self. They are habituated ways of defending against pain. We will study these patterns that keep us stuck in painful, vicious cycles. Once we bring this into consciousness, we can begin to see the way through- the way back home to the Real Self.

The training will include:

  • Grounding. Who am I in reality?

  • Developing the witness

  • Understanding our defenses

  • Relating to self and others from the deeper you

  • Creating a safe, trustworthy container

This is a safe space to learn, explore and to share with others.